Jason Casati

Junior Developer
Jason loves when he’s at home fixing broken hardware with endless amount of open browser tabs and a cup of tea/coffee attached to his hand.

James Williams

Managing Director

James is happiest when exploring the Welsh forestry, pure escapism, get as far away from civilisation as possible and be surrounded by the amazing natural environment we have. Usually accompanied by small people carrying sticks.

Katie Wiliams

Head of Brand

Sero Life
Katie loves nothing better than trekking up the Sugar Loaf mountain with the family to indulge in the breathtaking views of the Monmouthshire valley… (also nothing to do with the vineyard conveniently placed at the foot of the mountain!)

Keiron Lloyd

Project Manager

Sero Projects
Keiron is happiest whilst in the Sea, be that dipping his toe during a beach walk with his partner or whilst Scuba Diving in the warmer months (which is ironic given his allergy to Fish).

David Parr

Product Manager

Sero Digital
Dave loves to be in his garden, where he grows veg and has a collection of tiny trees. He also loves to be in woodlands, where someone else seems to have a very large collection of much larger trees.

Kris Ablett

CX Manager

Sero Life
Kris’ favourite places are the kitchen and the dining table and would gladly spend his life simply moving between the two only venturing outside to light a barbecue.

Matt Kane

Digital & Infrastructure Manager

Sero Digital
Matts absolute favourite day out is a trip to Durdle Door beach along with his family, dog, dinghy, body boards and plenty of food!!

Holly Evans

Head of Finance

Holly is happiest on the beach with her family. In the wind, rain or shine there is nothing better than the sound of the waves and the feeling of sand underfoot.

Dan Murray

System Engineer
Sero Projects
Anywhere with my girlfriend whether that’s chilling watching Netflix or out having adventures and travelling together.

Jim McArdell

Development Manager

Sero Projects
Jim loves the to be in, next to or just generally within sight of the sea be that surfing the waves, walking on the beach or spending time with the family.

Paige A'Hern

Management Accountant

Paige is happiest sat on the benches over looking the iconic Roath Park lake lighthouse armed with her coffee and paints! (when the sun comes out… maybe even an ice cream!)

Josh Webster

Product Manager

Sero Digital
Favourite place, one word… Copenhagen!

Cerys Williams

Project Coordinator

Sero Innovation
Cerys’ happy place is anywhere with her husband and son, however if that place also happens to have ice cream then she’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

David Williams

Non Executive Chair

David’s favourite place is his home, a tranquil lakeside property on a farm in the Cotswolds. Its location brings together all his hobbies.

Rhys Thomas

Project Manager – New Build

Sero Projects
I love going home to help out on the family farm, it’s only 15 minutes from where we live now but is definitely my favourite place. After that it would be Italy, especially the Amalfi Coast, simply stunning even if their roads are terrifying.

Colin King

Technical Lead - Retrofit & Construction

When Colin isn’t working he is never happier than being with his wife Michelle, their 2 Labradors and too many horses. He still competes and enjoys the thrill of show jumping and x country.

Louise Simons

Team Assistant

Louise is most happy when spending time with her husband and family.  She is an animal lover, especially dogs and given the chance, would have a house full of them.  She also enjoys watching movies at the cinema accompanied with a big bar of chocolate!

Victoria Jacques

Project Assistant

Victoria loves nothing more than going to New Quay in Wales on sunny days. Sitting on the sea front with an ice cream from Crème Pen Cei and watching the Dolphins out at sea.

Andy Sutton

Director of Design & Innovation

Andy likes to be amongst nature or great design (preferable both), whether DIYing, walking, swimming or cycling, though in all instances he’ll want it to be in the sunshine and ending up in a good pub. Or three.

Ellie Lancaster

Head of People
Ellie loves nothing better than visiting Tintern, Wye Valley near Monmouthshire for the breath taking scenery. A little haven of escapism!