Join the Team

Sero is a dynamic duo of companies – Welsh start-up energy services company Sero is working on new ways to deliver energy to homes that help to reduce bills and cut carbon emissions through Sero Projects, Sero Energy and Sero Life. Sero Homes is a Zero Carbon housing development company working on exciting new developments mostly for professionally owned, long term tenure.

We are a busy but friendly team and are looking for the right people to initially help support the existing team as we expand the business and deliver on our first few projects. The Sero companies are a quickly growing business, with limited formality to how we work and plenty of opportunity to grow with us.

Not currently looking, but…

…that’s what they say about finding love, isn’t it? You only find it once you’ve stopped looking?

So no, we’re not currently looking for any particular roles right now, though it probably won’t be long before we are, so pop back here in a month or two. Of course, if you think you’re the perfect fit and would love to join us, don’t let us stop you from getting in touch.

We always want to try and find room for great people.