We are a friendly team, looking for the right people to initially help support the existing team as we expand the business and deliver on our first few projects. The Sero companies are a quickly growing business, with limited formality to how we work and plenty of opportunities to grow with us. Want to change the World…then take a look!

Project Manager

We’re at the forefront of innovation in housing, energy and finance amongst other things that help to deliver our mission for Net Zero! We are looking for an experienced Project Manager to help us effectively communicate with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, as the face and voice of Sero.

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Customer Operations Manager

We are looking for an experienced Customer Operations Manager to help us create the home energy service of the future. We believe that the future of energy is providing Services and offering great customer experience in making energy simple, managing comfort and not selling kilowatts.


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Future Roles

Not currently looking for anyone else, but... that’s what they say about finding love, isn’t it? You only find it once you’ve stopped looking? We always want to try and find room for great people. Sign up for our email job alerts and you’ll be the first to know when new job opportunities at Sero come up.
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